About us


"IBI Co" Ltd. is a licensed consulting, HR management and recruitment agency based in Bulgaria with more than 10 years of experience in the US, as well as the European labor market.
The agency has a permanent license to carry out labor brokering, and act as a recruiting intermediary with latest update under permanent license for international recruitment № 1767 as of 24.08.2014 and we have permanent license №2981 as of 09.03.2020 for recruitment within Republic of Bulgaria.


Our main goal is to be your career broker. This applies to all of you – our candidates. What we do is finding a suitable placement for highly qualified and also not qualified jobs for everyone and help people like you in their career development in different spheres, based on your individual needs.
As another line of our services, we offer business development: - consultancy services related to staff shortage, outsourcing solutions, business transformation, in-depth marketing analysis research, assistance with market share expansion, etc., depending on the specific needs peculiarities of your business.
Our team has solid experience in recruiting, selecting, guiding and building up professional staff gradually which is highly important whether you seek permanent employment or professional work force. We are capable of finding suitable solutions for you or your business. Our goal is to develop our candidates by helping them grow into their career hierarchy and build themselves, while at the same time we help businesses to find most appropriate solution and select the most suitable candidates.
From our earliest stage until now:

  • We have thousands of successfully completed applications.

  • We gradually built great partnership teams from 7 over countries

  • We operate successfully in over 10 sectors

  • We have a successfully completed "Leonardo da Vinci" project.

 We have a successfully completed project on our "Youth Employment" national program.
In our company we maintain friendly and sustainable international ties in various countries, and it is important to mention that we know some of the employers and our international partners we work with through meetings in person. Some of the companies we service, we have visited ourselves.
The countries we work with are: Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, USA, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland and others.
Our team can has highly competitive experience in selecting and finding highly qualified professional s for companies, mainly from Norway, Germany, Sweden and Belgium in the fields of Health, IT Engineering, Sales and other sectors.


We have successfully completed a project on Operational European Project "Leonardo da Vinci". As a main contractor (host of the project), our role was to manage and guide staff through program training internships for training and certification of ten Bulgarian students and recently graduated ones through proper practice abroad. Besides "Leonardo da Vinci".
We have successfully completed one more project under the Operational program "Human Resources Development", "New Opportunity for Youth Employment", which provides specified training during work for unemployed persons up to 29 years of age. The aim of these programs is to reduce the unemployment rate in Bulgaria.

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