Frequently asked questions

1. Why use the services of our agency when apply for work abroad?

Because what we strive to offer is a combined/completed service and to be of as much help as possible. Despite the crisis, in 70 out of 100 cases, we manage to sell your skills at a better rates than what you may find yourself. We have great success in the following professional fileds: IT, culinary arts, social assistants (we have the capacity to do this for health workers), middle management and in many other sectors.

2. How will you help me in the process of my application?


We will:

- Set up initial consultation on possible options for each of you - individually. Then we will prepare one or more offers you in your specific case.
- Prepare your professional profile and prepare you properly for an interview (unless you prefer to handle the interview process independently).
-Set up a preliminary interview to be able to determine your language skills and competences.
- Assist in helping you with all necessary documents, forms and pre-contract or contract with the respective destination and employer.
- Provide you with a package of information on social insurance, health insurance, registration and information on the company's policy for the position you applied for particularly.
-Find you proper accommodation and provide you as much accommodation information as possible.


3. What you can do for me once I start?

We will already have saved you time in your search for accommodation (under optimal conditions, we often save you on deposit and first-rate rentals), we may save you transportation costs to the workplace and give you extra comfort. Moreover, we can offer assistance on our end in a case of a serious problem (we reserve the power of discretion not to provide help in case of: use of prohibited substances, systemic use of alcohol at work, delays, disturbed labor discipline, delays, proven theft and physical or verbal violence);

4. How much money do I need to travel?

Depends on the destination and area where you are approved to work at.

5. Who will meet me upon arrival?

This is subject to clarification based on your particular case but we always produce a Trip Planning Plan.

6. Will I get accommodation?

We offer assistance with finding a bargain start-up facility with maximum minimal costs or, in some cases, no pre-requisites (depending on your business sector, living area, and in some cases your professional experience).

7. How can I get my taxes back?

In our web you will find a link to Taxback. Follow the menu.

8. What contract do I sign?

In countries like Germany, Iceland or the Scandinavian countries, the employment contract is formed prior to your departure.
For Cyprus countries like, UK, Ireland, a pre-contract is usually formed and once your taxing and insurance number is issued, your residence status is clear, as long as you have the EU citizenship. If non EU citizen, please feel free to schedule a time for consultation. We may have proper immigration advice for you.
If you wish to work on a subcontractor basis with your own company, we would like to emphasize that this is only applicable to short term projects and may not be possible in all sectors.

9. Does it make any sense to turn back to IBI for a new job once I broke through sucessfully abroad? Can't I find a place myself directly?

In many cases, if you succeed to perform well and broaden your professional experience, we can be useful in your career growth by helping you find a position of supervisor, management and gradually even management positions where you can climb on your career ladder. We also can be of help with a career plan.

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