Dear Candidates:

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you on your way to your dream job journey! We offer full support and personal advice to help you identify your individual needs and goals, as well as to help you build your personal careers plan based on your choice.
Moreover: we can offer you a wide range of supplemental services that may help you and may make your stay abroad more comfortable. What furthermore we can offer is:

  • Tax Refund after the end of the fiscal year worked.

  • Additional insurance at work and stay abroad.(it is not a must to use our services, you can still use this feature)

  • Assistance in organizing your trips and reservations.

  • We provide guidance on the relevant qualification, training and / or language courses that could be of help to your individual needs, plans and goals.

  • Information on Student and Youth Credits, if you have Bulgarian residence

  • Orientation for each relevant destination that is set in our ads.

  • Pre-paid free health insurance registration when traveling to Germany (you do not have to use our services to take advantage of registration)

  • Prepare your CV in several languages from us at your request. (it is not a must to use our job search services to take advantage of this service feature)

  • Individual search for a job position beyond what we offer from the ads posted on our site.

  • Assistance with finding temporary and year-round accommodations, such as the way we can save you some money. Service in some of the sectors we recruit for is often highly recommended but still not mandatory.

What we strive for is to give all of you personal attention, full guidance on your way to your career needs (complete confidentiality upon your request)
and solutions.

Respectfully Yours,

The team of IBI Co. Ltd


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