When looking for a job, each work area has its own specific requirements, but there are some basic things that matter when applying for a job. Below we will give you some useful guidelines for better realization and quicker job finding.

  • What job you are looking for - job vacancies are often tied to previous experience, so when you apply, you can think about what you really want to work with, have previous experience, or start working from the basic lavel in a new job. Be sure to find out whether you are looking for a job in a small or big city, work for the season or year-round.
  • When you want to start work - when you apply for a job, you need to know when you are ready to start. In the case of working abroad, it is good to have provided in your preparation money for tickets, pocket money to the first salary.
  • Your first presentation - The CV is the first impression of the employer. That is why we advise you to present CVs with a detailed and as clearly stated experience as possible. Attach a  suitable photo that makes you look positive, motivated and welcoming and provide up-to-date contact information, mail, address, skype and phone . Of course, photos from the beach or from the bar are not very appropriate. If you struggle with the cv, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will provide you with sample and advice.
  • The interview - this is the next step or the acquaintance with the employer and verbal/nonverbal communication. Before the interview, it's a good idea to remember your CV well as they will ask you about your previous experience. We advise you not to eat, drink or smoke during an interview, behave respectfully, listen to the interviewer and finally ask all the questions that matter to you. You should be dressed at least with casual clothing, but not sporty.
  • Do not be afraid - do not be afraid when passing an interview, as this may affect your performance. And we'd like to tell you that the interview is not scary, and it is short. Do not be afraid that you will fail because the interview does not cost you anything. It is just a conversation that sets the attitudes and impressions of both the interviewer and the interviewee.

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