Dear managers and business owners,

 "IBI Co" Ltd. is a licensed recruitment agency and what we can offer to our business clients and partners includes:


Professional selection of employees is essential for every business. In addition to recruitment, we provide mediation services between clients like you and job applicants, as well as full ongoing assistance through outsourcing solutions. In the case of mediation, we organize the entire recruitment process, which may include help with documentation, setting up proper terms and conditions based on your particular needs and help with proper advice.. The whole process begins with proper selection of candidates, followed by direct interviews, or we can also interview the candidates on your behalf.. We strive to offer you the most suitable candidates and meet your requirements by offering you the option to select the desired employee yourself. In order to provide a maximum unique service, we also offer a highly specialized solution through:

Executive search
Standard recruitment is not always applicable, so it is also necessary to use so-called direct selection. Most often it is used for: recruiting a professional that is highly specialized and, respectively, the best in the field in which they work, or in selecting top management staff. The difference between the two types of selection is that the standard is an active role for job applicants. In executive search, the activity is taken over by the employer or our team. We can also engage in direct selection to find the best industry specialists your organization needs, based on highly professional methods to determine whether the candidates are applicable in this case considering both: their skills and their work ethics and behavior are fir an proper.

“The pearl in the crown” of what we can do for you is our

Business Development services

If you own or run a business of a company looking for an expansion in international markets or outsourcing for projects related to the high technology and IT industry, you can contact us and we will also assist you in doing so . We can also offer models in business transformation and find many highly effective solutions through a full analysis based on your market share (market penetration) and the current market position of your organization. The main components are:


  • Customer experience management

  • A strategy for building customer experience

  • Assessment of positioning

  • Evaluate and build the team

  • Management solutions

  • Building the strategy through proven and innovative methods

  • Evaluation and design of the product

  • Business transformation

  • Managing experience-based complaints

  • Training and coaching

  • Performance management

  • Managing customer interaction

  • Multi-channel strategy

  • Social media

  • Contact strategy

  • Unique view of the customer

  • Target market

  • Go-to-market program

  • Bulgarian market entry assistance

  • CRM Roadmap (program definition, scope, planning and budgeting)

  • Cyber security services and all its competencies


If you are interested, contact us to get more detailed information about the services offered, as well as a consultation to specify your company needs and goals.

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